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Hey Carolina folks,

here's a story about last year's visit of Kenan-Flagler MBA students to the Asa Branca favela in Rio de Janeiro with Catalytic Communities.

This is the second year that CatComm has taken Mabel Miguel and her students to visit Asa Branca... and you can read about the big impact the visits had! The experience is so popular among students that Mabel wants to make it a regular part of her GIEs.

In 2005 Bezerra, the local community leader in Asa Branca, was given a picture and certificate of appreciation by Mabel and the visitings MBAs, which he used to good effect:

"Bezerra proceeded to carry these documents with him to city meetings, showing local politicians: 'I've got future business leaders of America visiting my community, and you can't even pave our streets?!'"

Patrick Donohue, 15 years ago.

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